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Here’s Why I Became a Hairstylist

Here’s Why I Became a Hairstylist   Hello everyone, I am very appreciative of the views and support I’ve been receiving from the Saji Healthy Hair Care blog. I hope the tips that I share on here continue to assist you with your daily hair, skin and nail maintenance. However, with this post, I wanted…

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Another Satisfied Customer

Another Satisfied Customer   Recently I had a chance to try some of the new Saji Hair Care Shampoos and Conditioners. This is a new line of totally Vegan hair care products designed by my hairdresser, Kevin Sanders of Salon International of Charleston, SC.  The last time I had my hair done, he used the Ingenue Shampoo &…

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Bangs Do Cause Acne, But Here’s How to Prevent It

Bangs Do Cause Acne, But Here’s How to Prevent It We all have that occasional urge to want a new hairstyle. Perhaps you just had a bad break-up, celebrated a milestone birthday or maybe the season just changed. Either way, the most common go-to hairstyle for change with women is bangs. Getting bangs isn’t a…

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In the Summer Less is Best


    New day, new trend. It seems like every day I wake up to some new hairstyle or makeup trending on my social media feeds. The beauty industry is always evolving. However, lately, I’ve noticed the trends are becoming excessive with product and maintenance. In these summer months we should not be walking around…

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My Shampoo Was Ruining My Hair, Here’s How I Stopped It

Shampoo Hair

My mother always told me good hair was the best first impression. That message resonated with me all throughout my life. Luckily, my hair is naturally full of volume and good hair days are obtained effortlessly. I’ve never had any problems getting my curls to bounce. Retaining shine in my hair has always been quite…

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5 of the Best Foods to Grow Healthy Hair

5 of the Best Foods to Grow Healthy Hair Do you know anyone who doesn’t want healthy hair on their head? I’ll wait. Because, I’ve never met a male or female who doesn’t want thick, lustrous, healthy hair growing. Achieving your healthy hair goal doesn’t have to be hard or expensive either. The answers to…

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Tips to Keep Your Blonde Hair Healthy This Summer

Snips and Tips By Saji Temperatures are finally rising. Patio- brunch season has begun, and the pools are back open. Hello Summer! It’s time to hit the salon for those blonde highlights you’ve been planning to get all winter. Or, maybe your entire head blonde… either way, you’ve made up your mind that this summer…

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Welcome to our site! We are in the process of building our blog page and will have many interesting articles to share in the coming months. Please stay tuned to this page for information to come. And if you have any questions about our business or want to reach out to us, we would love…

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