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5 of the Best Foods to Grow Healthy Hair

Photo by Amir Sahihi on Unsplash

5 of the Best Foods to Grow Healthy Hair

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want healthy hair on their head? I’ll wait. Because, I’ve never met a male or female who doesn’t want thick, lustrous, healthy hair growing. Achieving your healthy hair goal doesn’t have to be hard or expensive either. The answers to most of your hair problems are lying right in your kitchen. That’s right, you can grow healthy hair by simply adding certain foods to your diet or using these foods as conditioners. Keep reading and learn how to eat your way to hair growth and health.


Did you know an apple a day will keep dandruff away? Apples are loaded with nutrients to stimulate hair growth. However, there’s one crucial nutrient in apples that is necessary for it. That nutrient is biotin. Biotin is often taken as a supplement in hair vitamins to grow and thicken hair. But, most people don’t know that adding more apples to your diet will get you the same results.

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We all know breakfast is a key meal. But, if you’re seeking to grow long, thick and healthy hair- breakfast should be your most important meal of the day. Make sure oatmeal is on the menu. Oatmeal contains zinc, fiber, iron and 3 fatty acids that will all work towards maintaining the health of your hair; mostly with thickness and growth.


I know, you’re probably thinking garlic and hair don’t belong in the same sentence. We normally try to protect our hair from that awful garlic smell when cooking it. But, there was a study conducted that proved garlic applied to the scalp has the ability to re-grow hair in balding areas. Garlic made into a paste is good for removing dandruff, too. Garlic has the nutrients allicin, manganese, selenium, and vitamins B-6 and C. Whether applied directly to the hair or eaten, these nutrients make garlic prominent at hair growth stimulation, a healthy scalp, and dandruff prevention.


Are you experiencing hair loss? Or what about hair breakage? Eggs to the rescue! Instead of eating one scrambled egg make that two this morning. The more biotin you eat the better. There’s an abundant amount of the nutrient biotin in eggs ready to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth.


Let’s say you just finished washing your hair. Then reach for the conditioner only to realize the bottle is empty. Don’t fret, just go grab a banana. You can eat it or apply it to your hair as a conditioner. Either way, the mineral silica in bananas will make its way to repair and thicken your hair.

I just provided you with hair tips and potentially assisted with your meal planning for the rest of the week. Thank me later, because healthy hair days are ahead!