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Don’t Worry, Here’s Help with Taking Care of Gray Hair




Unexpected hair changes are never easy to process (especially those reminding you of your age.) But, I have a few

At what age were you when you spotted your first gray? Every male and female will have their own unique story. I was quite young. I remember spotting not one- but two long gray strands in the crown of my hair. My panic attack only lasted for a few seconds. I took a deep sigh when I remembered that it’s 2019 and there are many hair dyes that could solve this graying if it becomes a serious problem. Luckily those gray strands have yet to spread. However, I know the time will come eventually. And, there’s specific hair care that needs to be done to properly keep gray hair flourishing. Even covering gray hair requires certain precautions and techniques to be done correctly.

tips that will make this transition easier for you. There are plenty of things to consider when gray hairs pop up, from hair products to hair dye and when to actually consider going fully gray. Let’s dig into these gray hair care tips.

Covering Gray Hair

If you’re experiencing about 30% or less of a gray hair takeover, you are more than likely covering your roots and certain areas with semi-permanent or permanent hair dye. You should have two concerns when covering gray hair with dye. First, be certain you are covering your gray hair correctly where there isn’t breakage. The second concern is using a flattering color to cover the gray hair.

Many women tend to choose a tone that’s not typically age appropriate. If you choose to go blonde, try not to go too light where it washes your skin tone out. Same with dark colors. Dying your hair too dark can make you look older and intensify facial features. Stay within warm and natural hair color tones.

When Should You Go Completely Gray?

This is definitely a personal preference. However, I would recommend going fully gray when there is 50% or more of gray coverage in your head. Now is time to put down the hair dye and pick up a shampoo and conditioner full of antioxidants and hydration. Saji Hair Care’s Nectar Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for maintaining healthy gray hair. As we get older our glands that produce oil become less productive in our hair. As a result, gray hair tends to be more dry, brittle and thinner than our original hair texture. Therefore, gray hair needs extra hydration and moisture to stay growing and healthy. The Nectar Shampoo and Conditioner has natural antioxidants from white tea and hibiscus along with other ingredients that nourish the scalp.

Due to the thinning of gray hair, Saji’s Dirty Girl Dry Shampoo is good to use daily as well when gray. This dry shampoo adds moisture and the right amount of volume you need to still have body and movement in your gorgeous gray hair. Remember going gray is never a bad thing. With the correct care, gray hair will enhance your aging and have you looking better than ever!