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Here’s Why I Became a Hairstylist


Here’s Why I Became a Hairstylist


Hello everyone, I am very appreciative of the views and support I’ve been receiving from the Saji Healthy Hair Care blog. I hope the tips that I share on here continue to assist you with your daily hair, skin and nail maintenance. However, with this post, I wanted to share my journey on how I became a hairstylist. With the hope that with this post (instead of tips,) I can inspire you to follow your passion- no matter what obstacles come your way.

My journey with hair started when I was a child. I became fond of hairstyling very young and would practice it at every chance I could get. But, back then I never publicly expressed my love for hairstyling because I feared the criticism that I would receive. During that time male hairstylists had a stigma of being “ a sissy” or “gay.” Sadly, this stigma is still prevalent today… but, who cares what people say or think!


It took time for me to realize that the judgment of others did not matter. And, that process began at the age of 21 when I found myself grieving the death of my mother. The agony of losing her was unbearable and I constantly cried. I vividly remember crying my eyes out at the beach in Saugatuck, MI and deciding I was going to make some changes in my life. I had received a scholarship for fashion at Bauder College in Atlanta, GA, and was expected to attend that school. Well, I decided not to attend Bauder ColIege. I wanted to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a hairstylist. I enrolled in Jordan College in Great Rapids, MI and graduated with an Associate’s degree in cosmetology.


I then moved to Charleston, South Carolina. I was employed as a hairstylist in a salon downtown. After six months of working there, I was transferred to a salon in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. I worked there for two years and I decided it was time to push forward in the hair industry. So, in 1991, I opened Salon Internationals.

I still strive to reach to heights in the hair industry. Therefore in 2018, I launched Saji Hair Care a vegan hair care line. I’m often asked where I came up with the name Saji. Well, Saji is the name of one of my dear friends that is now deceased. I wanted to honor him by naming my product line after him. With Saji Hair Care I am on a mission to invade homes and other salons with all-natural hair products that will repair and grow chemically damaged hair. Because most of us are unaware of the chemical damage we do to our hair with the products we use and methods of styling.


This is just a brief summary of why I became a hairstylist. There was a lot more work and sacrifices put into my career. Nonetheless, I’ve now conquered the skill of hairstyling. Today I am also an entrepreneur and hair activist. Saji Hair Care is a new beginning for me (and definitely not the end.) But, who knows what I’ll be up to next … because I’ll forever be dedicated to good hairstyling and spreading healthy hair.