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In the Summer Less is Best




New day, new trend. It seems like every day I wake up to some new hairstyle or makeup trending on my social media feeds. The beauty industry is always evolving. However, lately, I’ve noticed the trends are becoming excessive with product and maintenance. In these summer months we should not be walking around with three layers of concealer, and foundation- it’s 90-degrees outside. Also, I’ve noticed women with hair so bone straight I could smell and see the damage from a mile away. Doubling the heat on your hair in the summer is not good as well.

Therefore, I would like to remind everyone that no matter what the trend is always remember this rule of thumb: less is best! Allow me to provide a few tips on how less make-up, less hair drying, and less hair flat ironing will look more appealing on you this summer. Also, less of these actions will keep your hair and skin healthy during this season as well.

Less is Best: Makeup

In hot temperatures, make-up will move around from sweat, crease and cake up in certain areas of your face. This never looks good and it will be a pain trying to do touch-ups all day. In the summertime, less make-up looks best. Your summer make-up routine only needs to include a moisturizer and only one layer of concealer (adding a primer and eye shadow is fine too.) Saji Hair Care’s Argan Oil Treatment is a great summer moisturizer (day or night.) This argan oil treatment will not only keep your skin hydrated, but it will also protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun during the day. This treatment keeps you radiant and repairs your skin.

Less is Best: Hair Drying & Flat Ironing

woman -with-sunkist

Are you familiar with air-drying hair? Air drying should be your go-to during the summer months. During the summer there are a few factors that will force you to wash your hair more. The most common one being sweat. So, you’ll be washing and styling your hair more often. I suggest substituting the blow-drying for air-drying to prevent heat damage on your hair. You can easily dry hair by doing a brush and pull method. Pull your hair straight and constantly brush until the dampness decreases. Our Nano Boar Bristle Ceramic + Ionic Brushes are perfect for this. Alternative air-drying methods for a nice beachy and body wave are:

  • Use clips to clip your hair up into spiral curls
  • Roll hair in jumbo rollers
  • Braid your hair in large braids

Do these methods and let your hair dry overnight.  

These air-drying methods coincide with flat ironing also. No need to pull the flat irons out -these will only damage your hair if used frequently. Air dry with your styling. Less heat on your hair is for the best.

This summer use less heat and give your hair some texture for your summer fun. The beautiful sun-rays and your hydrated skin will provide that perfect glow you want too. Less make-up is needed. This is the season to let your natural beauty shine through.