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My Shampoo Was Ruining My Hair, Here’s How I Stopped It

Shampoo Hair

Shampoo Hair

My mother always told me good hair was the best first impression. That message resonated with me all throughout my life. Luckily, my hair is naturally full of volume and good hair days are obtained effortlessly. I’ve never had any problems getting my curls to bounce. Retaining shine in my hair has always been quite easy to attain as well. However, I took my “good” hair for granted. I changed my shampoo to a less expensive brand and ran into some serious hair problems several months ago. One morning I awakened to a matted and brittle mess on top of my head. Luckily, these two wonderful ingredients in my newest products saved my hair from the damage and my volume was restored.


I had a good, healthy hair routine going for myself. But, I switched the brand of my shampoo and conditioner. The new brand was cheaper (shrugs.) I’ll take the blame, that was my mistake. After noticing the texture of my hair was changing, I started to research the ingredients in this new shampoo and conditioner. I found that sulfate and sodium chloride were both main ingredients in these products. Those ingredients were drying out my hair and scalp. This was ultimately causing my hair to become brittle, easily matted and my ends were splitting. Ridiculous, right? Absolutely no shampoo should ever leave your hair matted.

This was the worst decision I’ve ever made for my hair (even worse than me attempting to cut my own bangs.) I knew I immediately had to seek help for my hair. My friends gave suggestions to repair my hair at home. Well, first it was recommended that I stop using products with sulfate and sodium chloride. I threw those products in the trash immediately. Next, it was recommended that I use shea butter to revive my hair.

Shea butter has plenty of vitamin A and E present. And when directly applied to the hair, these vitamins are phenomenal at repairing split ends. They also moisturize hair and provide shine. All of this reconstruction was needed for my damaged hair. Therefore, I began to only use shampoos and conditioners with a shea butter base.


The formula in Saji Hair Care’s Nectar Shampoo and Conditioner uses shea butter as a dominant ingredient. I’ve been using the Nectar Shampoo and Conditioner 2-3 times weekly and the volume of my hair was restored within three months. This is due to the shea butter and another eminent ingredient for hair restoration found in these products. The other ingredient is sunflower seed extract. The oleic acid and omega 9 acid in sunflower seed extract also add shine, prevent breakage and promote hair growth.


My bouncy curls are back. My shine is back and most importantly my confidence in my appearance is back. If you’re having the same problems that I was, check the ingredients in your