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Give your hair the nourishment it needs and never have a bad hair day again when you use Saji vegan shampoos. All of our shampoos are made with natural ingredients from plant extracts like apple, lemon, white tea, and horsetail fern. These ingredients strengthen, moisturize and protect, leaving nothing behind but soft, healthy hair that’s full of volume. Unlike some other products, we never use potentially harmful chemicals such as parabens or sulfates, and you can feel good knowing that our products aren’t made with or tested on animals.

Because the world is a beautiful place with people of all different colors and hair types, we know that just one kind of shampoo won’t work for everyone. That’s why we’ve developed multiple formulas to address the individual needs of each person. Whether you need something to nourish dry, damaged hair, a shampoo that will tame frizz and soften curly hair, or you love the convenience of using a dry shampoo, we have a product for you.

Transform your hair by using a shampoo that contains only the best ingredients. Saji was created by a master stylist with a passion for helping others achieve healthy, beautiful hair every day. Order your shampoo today — you’ll love the Saji difference.